This year, Congress agreed to close the prescription drug “Donut Hole” a year early for Medicare beneficiaries. Now, drug corporations are swarming Congress with lobbyists trying to UNDO this bipartisan deal and force patients to pay more.

If they get away with these shady tactics, it’ll mean a $4 BILLION BAILOUT for Big Pharma –– and higher drug prices for patients.

That’s why we need you to contact your legislators TODAY and let them know: A bailout for Big Pharma is unacceptable.

Thank you for calling your Senator!


Here's a sample script for your call:

Hello my name is [Name] and I am a constituent calling from [town/city].

I am calling to urge [Senator/Congressman name] to stand up for patients struggling under rising drug prices.

Too many Americans struggle to pay for their prescription drugs, which is why I'm calling to urge [Senator/Congressman/woman] to STOP the Big Pharma bailout.

I need [him/her] to commit to standing with patients and ensuring that the donut hole fix is maintained as in the Bipartisan Budget Act.

Please tell the [Senator/Congressman/woman] to stand strong for patients to make sure we don't pay more so that Big Pharma can make more.


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Pam Holt of Granger, IN

I am a retired schoolteacher and a multiple myeloma cancer patient on Medicare. My copay for Revlimid, the drug keeping my cancer at bay, is $600 per month. I had planned to spend my retirement traveling and spoiling my grandchildren, but that’s no longer an option thanks to the cost of my drugs.


Joan Tramontano of Naples, FL

The co-pay for my cancer drug, Gleevec averages $6,000 per year with Medicare Part D. I have taken myself off the drug because of this cost, and have been told I am now at risk of the cancer returning. Doctors want me on the drug the rest of my life. I don't have the money and will not bankrupt my family.


Winston Stone of Middleborough, MA

It’s tough making ends meet these days because I pay over $500 a month to treat my Crohn’s disease and high blood pressure, even with Medicare. At 68, I’m forced to still work part time as a historical tour guide to stay above water.