New Patient Group to Raise the Issue of Drug Prices in Midterm Elections, Congress and State Houses

WASHINGTON, DC — As voter pain and anger over drug prices continue to increase, a new organization launched today to raise the issue of drug prices in the 2018 midterm elections and lobby congress and state legislatures to demand that elected officials fix our broken drug pricing system. Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW (P4ADNOW), a 501c4, will mobilize voters at the state and federal levels to elect candidates who support drug pricing reforms and to push for legislation that will provide relief to millions of Americans.
“Anyone who's been a patient or a family member of a patient knows that drug corporations rake in record profits and rip off Americans struggling to pay the bills,” said David Mitchell, a cancer patient and the Founder of Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW. “In poll after poll, Americans say lowering prescription drug prices should be a top priority in Congress yet time after time, Congress ignores it. No more. We will give patients a voice in the midterm elections to support real steps that will lower drug prices.”
Drug corporations spent $20 million lobbying and donated $246 million to politicians in the last election cycle. Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW aims to act as a counterbalance to the pharmaceutical lobby. It will run strategic programs to advocate for candidates willing to step up behind policies to curb drug prices and legislation that lower drug prices. The programs will include direct voter engagement and organizing, creative digital and television advertising, and other tools to support pro-reform candidates. The group will work across the country to educate the public on policy issues and elevate stories of patients struggling under runaway drug costs.
In the coming months, the group will announce its plans to support specific candidates in the midterm elections. Those candidates must be committed to bringing down the high cost of prescription drugs and providing relief to patients. P4ADNOW already sent questionnaires to more than two dozen incumbent members of Congress, congressional challengers, and governors requesting information on their plans to lower drug prices. Once that process is complete, the group will publicly announce a bipartisan list of elections it will engage in.
The 2018 midterm budget will be more than seven figures. Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW will not accept contributions from any organizations that profit from the development or distribution of prescription drugs. P4ADNOW will disclose all its funders.
Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW is governed by a bipartisan Board of Directors consisting of patients and health care, policy, and communications experts. In addition to David Mitchell, Ben Wakana, will serve as the group’s President and Janice Rottenberg will serve as P4ADNOW’s Campaigns Director. P4ADNOW is a fully legally separate entity from Patients For Affordable Drugs, a nonprofit organization established under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Service code engaged in public education. Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW received principal funding from the Action Now Initiative.