The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Does anyone have space in their brains this week for drug pricing news? If so, we’ve got you covered:

1. Big Pharma bailout?

  • Not this week. Is Big Pharma’s deep-pocketed influence wilting? *Cue sarcastic violins.* — (The Hill)  

2. We’ll take it!

  • Congress passed two laws that stop drug supply chain middlemen from banning pharmacists from telling customers when it’s cheaper to pay for prescriptions with cash over insurance. Now let’s keep the momentum going. — (Washington Examiner)

3. Undercover nurses

  • AstraZeneca is the latest drug company accused of hiring nurses to peddle its best-selling drugs. Just last week a lawsuit accused pharma giant AbbVie of using a stealth team of nurses to peddle its blockbuster anti-inflammatory drug, Humira. — (Reuters)

4.  His words underpin the mentality of an entire industry."

  • A doctor ruminates on Drug Corp. CEO Nirmal Mulye’s claim that it is a moral obligation to sell prescription drugs for the highest dollar amount possible. — (Forbes)

5. Who’s going to tell him?

  • Bob Hugin, New Jersey’s Republican senate candidate, is using his nearly 20-year experience in the drug industry as part of his highlight reel during his senatorial race…but he probably shouldn’t. — (NYT)