Who will be there for patients like me?

My name is Kay Huether. I am 81 years old and I’m from Milford, DE. I’ve lived in Delaware for the past 15 years. I have been married for over 40 years and have two beautiful adult children.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria, better known as chronic hives. The only medication available for treatment is Xolair and it costs $2,458.00 every six weeks. The total amount for the past three years –– at a cost of almost $20k per year –– now totals $60k.

If I don’t take this medication, I will break out into very large, extremely itchy, and unsightly hives all over my body.

So far, I’ve been fortunate to find assistance in affording my medications, but every day I live in fear of changes to my insurance or assistance that would cause me to stop taking my medications. I experience a great deal of stress trying to make sure my medication is paid for every month. We could go into serious debt if we lost our insurance coverage.

If I had a chance to speak with Tom Carper, I would ask him how he would feel if a member of his close family were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease for which they could not afford the treatment.

How would you go about it? Would you ignore them and leave them to suffer with their ailment?

The fact that Carper has taken over $550,000 from Big Pharma tells me he won’t do much to help patients in Delaware that are being crushed by high drug costs. Carper also voted to prohibit the government from negotiating lower drug prices and rejected a measure to offer more generous prescription drug coverage to seniors. Further, he voted against allowing cheaper drugs to be imported from Canada.

No one is doing anything about it. I’ve written letters to Big Pharma, but no one wants to help. Who will be there for patients like me if legislators are not?