The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Direct-to-consumer Drug Ads: Trick or Treat? 

1. That’s On Point

  • Posting the prices of drugs in TV ads won’t lower drug prices, but transparency doesn't hurt. — (NPR

2.Minnesota, leading the way

  • Minnesota is suing the three largest insulin manufacturers. Someone must hold the insulin cartel accountable. —  (Reuters)

3.The list price is not right

  • Big Pharma argued that including the list price of drugs in TV ads could prevent patients from accessing drugs. One way to change that –– lower the list price of drugs! — (STAT

4.This plan sounds wicked awesome

  • Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is cooking up a legislative proposal to rein in drug prices — or at least light up what’s behind rising prescription drug costs. — (CommonWealth)

5.This is why she should stay in the U.S. Senate

  • Claire McCaskill highlights bipartisan achievements, including her work to bring down the prices of prescription drugs. — (YouTube