The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Pumpkin spice lattes flowed. Oprah covered her own magazine. A presidential text lit up our phones. Meanwhile, in the world of drug pricing…
1. Get your popcorn

  • It looks like Round 2 in the “Pharma thinks you owe it $4 billion” fight is set to begin, with a coalition of drug pricing allies in one corner, and Big Pharma in the other. — (Politico

2. XOXO, Gossip Girl...

  • Who’s funding the secret group trying to keep drug prices high? No one knows, but they want to stay in the dark and criticize people in the light. Classic Dan Humphrey move.  — (STAT)

3. It’s cheaper for this patient to go to the ER than to buy an EpiPen

  • Melissa LeClaire, a young mom to two girls, cannot afford to pay the $500 cost of her much-needed EpiPen, so instead, she takes her chances and pays a $200 emergency room copay. — (P4AD NOW)  

4. Hello, Texas. Hello, Florida

  • Republican Congressman Francis Rooney is trying to lower drug prices. Republican Congressman Pete Sessions is not. — (Politico and McClatchy)  

5. The drug industry loves a good hurdle to generic entry

  • Scott Gottlieb tells them to get over it. — (STAT