The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Welcome to the Week in Review in Drug Pricing, a new weekly feature at our fledgling Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW blog.

Drug companies have to charge this much! To buy back their own stocks….Luckily, this week in review is 100% free.

1. The super-secret, overly complex rebate system fails taxpayers. Arizona failed to collect up to $36.7 million in rebates from prescription drug manufacturers. Because the entire drug pricing system is a Rube Goldberg machine that could be fixed if pharma simply, umm, lowered the list price of drugs! AZ Central

2. Tax breaks fuel pharma stock buybacks while drug prices rise. The rich get richer and patients get screwed. Axios           

3. Florida man just wants a break at the pharmacy counter but....Pharmacy Benefit Managers like to write contracts that block local pharmacist from telling patients about lower cost drugs. Action News JAX

4. We’re asking the wrong questions about drug prices. “The key question is not: What’s it worth to save a child’s life? “If that was the question, then the polio (vaccine) they gave me when I was 6 years old would have cost a million dollars, said David Mitchell. “The right question is: What is the price that will maximize accessibility and affordability, while maintaining a robust R&D pipeline?” The Philadelphia Enquirer

5. Got rabies? The cost of the vaccine to cure the deadly virus has gone up almost 400 percent. That bite hurts. WebMD