Today, we're cheering for patient advocate Pam Holt

Patient advocate Pam Holt traveled from Granger, IN to Washington, DC today. She’s in the nation’s capital to fight for patients and lower drug prices.

The retired teacher and grandmother has multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer.

Pam pays an exorbitant amount each month for a drug called Revlimid. She has taken on $10,000 in debt to stay alive and afford her prescriptions since her 2012 diagnosis. She is about to refinance her home to continue to afford her medicine. And, because of her retirement income from teaching, she doesn't qualify for financial assistance.

To make matters worse, the drug’s manufacturer, Celgene, is playing games to stave off  competitors by refusing to provide samples of its drug to generic drugmakers.


The price of Revlimid keeps rising with no limit. That means two things. First, Pam is on the hook for the cost of her overpriced brand-name drug. Second, Celgene’s abusive practices also undermine free-market forces that would speed generic competition and lower drug prices

We wish hers was an isolated case — but it isn't. Stories like Pam's are widespread, and patients across the country are on the hook for thousands of dollars for brand-name prescription drugs.

That's why Pam is in Washington, fighting for passage of the CREATES Act. It would close this loophole, bring Pam relief, and restore competition to lower drug prices.

She has meetings scheduled with her federal lawmakers today, including U.S. Sen. Todd Young, U.S Rep Jackie Wolorski, and members of the Administration.

We are rooting for you, Pam. Fingers crossed your elected officials hear you and decide to help.

Learn more about Pam Holt and the CREATES Act by watching the below CBS Morning report.