New Survey Shows HUGE Bipartisan Support for CREATES Act Legislation to Lower Drug Prices

WASHINGTON, DC — A new national poll shows that Americans across the political spectrum want Congress to make lower drug prices a top priority, and voters support passage of the CREATES Act by an 83 to 9 margin. According to a new survey from the Republican-led research firm GS Strategies, 85 percent of voters nationwide say lowering the cost of prescription drugs should be a leading priority for Congress compared to just 12 percent who consider it a low priority.
“The choice for members of Congress is clear: they can stand up for their constituents and pass the CREATES Act to lower prescription drug prices or cave to pressure from big drug corporations. There is no other major opposition to the bill,”  said David Mitchell, founder of Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW, which commissioned the survey. “The CREATES Act is a sensible, bipartisan solution to a serious abuse of our system. It won’t fix the whole problem of high drug prices, but voters will applaud its enactment.”
The CREATES Act (S. 974 and H.R. 2212) would stop big drug corporations from blocking competition by refusing to allow their brand name drugs to be used in testing needed to get approval for generic competitors. If passed, people would get access to lower priced generic drugs faster and taxpayers would save over $3 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
Highlights of the survey include:

  • Lower drug prices are a leading priority for voters: More than 8 in 10 voters say lowering drug prices should be a leading priority in Congress, including a majority of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats.
  • There is overwhelming bipartisan support for the CREATES Act: More than 83 percent of voters support passage of the CREATES Act and almost 6 in 10 strongly support it.
    • Support from Republicans is 79 percent, Independents is 84 percent, and Democrats is 88 percent.
  • Congress needs to do more: When asked if Congress and the President have done enough to lower drug prices or need to do more, 75 percent say they need to do more.
    • Of note for members standing for re-election, almost 7 in 10 voters say they are more likely to vote for a candidate if he/she supports the CREATES Act.  

The telephone survey of 800 registered voters was conducted from January 27-31, 2018 by the national research firm GS Strategy Group and commissioned by Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW. The national sample has a margin of error of +/- 3.46 percent. The full survey questionnaire can be found here.
In addition to the 800 national voter sample, the researchers spoke with a total of 400 voters in each of Wisconsin, Florida, and Arizona. The results in those states were as follows:


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