The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

A Denver woman with diabetes points out the vial of insulin she took in 1972 to avoid dying a horrible death cost $7 back then. It costs $350 today. A Senator says: Tax-deductible drug ads have gotta go. And, we’re gagging over gag clauses!

Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing!

1. Justify those insulin price hikes or get out of her way.

  • Gail DeVore, aka @denvergail, a Colorado woman living with Type 1 diabetes and a member of the Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW patient advocate community, wrote a column explaining what transparency means to her when it comes to the skyrocketing cost of her insulin. Colorado is one of several states considering measures that would force drug companies to notify states when they raise prices, and then justify those hikes.— (Colorado Politics)

2. Those annoying drug ads are tax deductible. They shouldn’t be.

  • Sen. Claire McCaskill wants to end that slimy little perk at a time of peak public outrage over drug prices. — (STAT)

3. Independent pharmacists are being bled dry by Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

4. Like, gag me with a spoon over these gag clauses.

— (The New York Times)

5. Fix. Drug pricing. Now.

  • This following sentence, buried in a Washington state newspaper article about proposed state fixes to prescription drug pricing insanity, encapsulates why we have to fix outrageous drug pricing as fast as we can: “Remicade, the prescription drug (Heidi) Barrett and her children take, has drained the family’s finances, destroyed retirement funds and forced them at times to choose between putting food on the table or living a pain-free life.” — (The Olympian)

    See you next week!