The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

A patient speaks in Connecticut. Big Pharma helps itself to the spoils of a tax windfall. And one drug company CEO makes a strong play to be the next Martin Shkreli.
1. A cancer patient speaks

  • In Connecticut, Greta Stifel told her lawmakers that her cancer medicines cost $22,000 a month. She’d like an explanation. — (NBC)

2. Profits over patients

  • Drug corporations are not using tax windfalls to help patients. They’re using them to buy back stock. Which is very cool unless you’re sick, a taxpayer, or a person with a conscience. — (USA Today)

3. Ohio takes aim at PBMs

  • PBMs operate in secret and the Buckeye State isn’t happy about it. — (Columbus Dispatch)

4. For cancer patients, less bang for their buck

  • As cancer drug prices climb, the value is not keeping pace. — (Reuters)

5. Gouger Alert! Vertex CEO took home $78.5 million in 2017

  •  Jeffrey Leiden won’t give children dying abroad access to charity-funded, life-extending cystic fibrosis medicines, but he will happily take home a $78.5 million salary package. — (Axios)