I’m at my wit's end.

My mother is a wonderful mother of 6; she devoted her life to raising my siblings and I. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer, multiple myeloma, in March 2015, a year after my father passed away. She is 66 years old and currently takes a medicine called Revlimid to treat her cancer. It is the only medicine available to help her, and we can’t afford it.

My mom resides with me and I’m paying all of her expenses. She is too sick to work, and she doesn’t have any sort of income. I couldn’t pay the last $1,620 that we owed for 21 Revlimid pills. My mother also has diabetes and high blood pressure –– her copays amount to over $300 per month in addition to the amount I pay for her Revlimid. I find myself maxing out my credit cards to afford these costs.

There is no way for us to pay this cost. She will pass away without this medication.

If I could speak to the man responsible for the cost of my mother’s cancer medication, I would tell him about the heartbreak and crushing stress I feel.

I learned he increased the cost of my mother’s medicine by 100 percent in a decade, and I want him to know this action has consequences. The consequence is my mother is getting sicker, faster. If Bob Hugin can take advantage of cancer patients, how could he possibly care about regular citizens. A senator works for the people and protects them. Bob Hugin is not that person.

The person who has done this to my mother and me should not be a U.S. Senator.

He does not understand that cancer patients really struggle to pay these costs. Why should we be punished for being sick so people like Bob Hugin can make millions?

I’m at my wits end.

–– Gulay Turan