They don’t know what’s it’s like to struggle to afford medications.

My name is Sharon Storm and I’m from Palmyra, NJ. I am 78 years old, a mother of four, a grandmother of 15, and a great-grandmother to 10 wonderful children. I’ve been pretty healthy for the majority of my life, except for a knee-replacement surgery 11 years ago. While in my 40s, I injured my back and shoulders after years spent lifting 150-pound materials in a glass factory. The medication for the pain gave me severe acid reflux. I couldn’t afford my acid reflux medication, and I had to completely forego my prescription and purchase over-the-counter medications to cope with my symptoms instead. As a senior, having to pay over $300 a month for your prescriptions is absolutely outrageous.  

I decided to share my story after learning the head of a big drug corporation from New Jersey, Bob Hugin, was making a run for the Senate. Because he has raised the price of a cancer drug 100 percent, making patients like me go into debt, he should not be a U.S. Senator. Corporations like the one Bob Hugin headed raise medication prices when they don’t even need to; they gouge people and it is unnecessary. They don’t know what’s it’s like to struggle to afford medications. Bob Hugin cannot represent the people of New Jersey.

Those of us who understand what life is like under crushing drug costs must continue to speak out.

Thank you for listening.