$177,000 a year worth of drugs.

My name is Bob Fowler. I am here today as a North Ridgeville resident, a college professor, and a cancer patient. I have been married to my wonderful wife for 18 years and we each have two beautiful children.

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in March 2006. I received a stem cell transplant in 2009, and shortly after began the pricey, never-ending cycle of Revlimid.

I am one of thousands of people across Ohio who is desperate for relief from skyrocketing drug prices.

For the last nine years, I have taken the drug Revlimid to treat my incurable blood cancer. Next year, I hope to be retired and on Medicare, and although there are Medicare Advantage plans with drug coverage that will pay for Revlimid, the out-of-pocket cost to me will be very high. Every 28 days I receive 21 capsules of Revlimid for which myself and my insurance company pay a total of $13,600. There are 13 of these 28-day cycles in a year, so sitting before you today is $177,000 a year worth of drugs.

I wouldn’t trust Bob Hugin farther than I could throw him. Bob Hugin is former drug company CEO that allowed his company to hike up the prices of Revlimid and I greatly distrust him.

Anyone taking this drug has the chance of being wiped out financially. Bob Hugin was not right for patients and he’s not right for the US Senate.