We feel lost and anxious.

My name is Sheila Porter. I am 50 years old. I’ve been married to my husband, Robert, for 17 years and we have five beautiful children. My husband, 58, has lived with a rare blood cancer called multiple myeloma since 2015. He was working as a transportation executive when he was diagnosed.

Doctors gave him a prescription for Revlimid after his diagnosis –– but we quickly realized we could not afford the copays.

Robert has a slow-growing form of multiple myeloma, so he wasn’t on Revlimid for long. However, the stress of trying to afford Revlimid prevented him from taking it for even that short time. At the moment, he is not taking any medications for his cancer; he is just trying his best to live a healthy life with good personal habits. We feel lost and anxious as we are leaving his life to chance and hoping for the best.

Bob Hugin should not be senator.

He priced a medicine out of reach for my husband, causing my whole family to suffer.

There’s no telling how much of our limited time together is left now.