Worry for the future of our children.

My name is Carmen Jolley and I’m a 41 year old from Springfield, MO.

My 18-year-old daughter, Nora, is a great light in my life. Watching her grow up and become a lovely young woman has brought me so much joy. However, she faces the constant difficulty of living with bad migraines. My daughter takes a daily medication, Trokendi, that costs about $1,300 a month. In the past, she was also taking Abilify and other drugs for depression, which cost $800.

She’s set to lose her coverage next year, and we will then face high up-front costs for her medications. Being unable to afford the medication, she will have to go back to having daily migraines, and may not be able to finish college or work. There is NO way we will be able to afford to pay for her medications.

I have two other children who live with disabilities. The high cost of prescription drugs, for us, means constant worry for the future of our children.

As a Missourian, I think it’s important to share this story so the public understands the lives of people like us who are affected by high drug costs. Patients need support from those who are representing them in government.

Claire McCaskill is one of the few lawmakers tough enough to stand up to Big Pharma. We need legislators like Claire McCaskill who will work in the interest of patients like me and not for big pharmaceutical corporations.