The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

It’s drug pricing palooza!
Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing.

1.  LOL Pfizer

  • Pfizer spun its January price hikes as impacting an itsy bitsy portion of its drugs. Too bad the 41 drugs it hiked represent half the pharma giant’s revenue. — (Axios)

2. Johnny Depp would be proud. 

  • PhRMA is running ghost ships now. — (WaPo)

3. All the hearings

  • The Republican-controlled Senate and Democratic-controlled House are kicking off 2019 by lighting up out-of-control drug pricing with Senate Finance and House Oversight committee hearings Tuesday.— (The Hill)

4. It’s a thing. A 2020 thing.
Potential presidential candidates are staking claims in the drug pricing debate. Smart move,

since 80 percent of the public wants our elected leaders to lower drug prices. — (KHN)

5. Highly Illogical

  • The drug lobby’s arguments against holding down prices in Medicare Part B just don’t add up. — (STAT)