New TV Ad Touts Benefits of the International Pricing Index

WASHINGTON, DC — Patients For Affordable Drugs Now today released its first TV ad, “Ruth,” in support of proposed reforms to Medicare Part B that will lower drug prices and reduce patient out-of-pocket costs. In the new TV spot, Florida patient Ruth Rinehart tells the story of how her family went bankrupt and lost their home due to the price of her Part B prescription drugs. She urges Congress and the Administration to move forward and implement an International Pricing Index.
Watch the new ad here. The 6-figure buy will run from Feb. 2 to Feb. 9 during "Fox & Friends" and nationwide on YouTube, Facebook, and other digital platforms.
Currently, Americans pay far more for prescription drugs than other wealthy nations. Under the draft proposal from the Department of Health and Human Services, the price American taxpayers pay for expensive infused drugs would fall from 80 percent more than other wealthy nations to only 26 percent more. 
But Big Pharma is attacking the proposal because the changes would actually lower prices while ensuring patient access to drugs. 

Today's ad is part of Patients For Affordable Drugs Now’s almost  $1 million campaign in support of the HHS' International Pricing Index proposal. The campaign includes digital advertisements, patient fly-ins, polling, and videos featuring patients who stand to access more affordable drugs under the proposal.
“It’s unconscionable that American patients pay so much more than people in other wealthy countries for prescription drugs,” said David Mitchell, a cancer patient and the founder of Patients For Affordable Drugs Now. “Big Pharma’s unchecked, skyrocketing prices force Americans to choose between groceries and their medications. We stand firmly in support of change because America’s prescription drug pricing system is broken, and patients like Ruth need relief.”

By a 71-point margin, voters support HHS’ proposal to lower drug prices in Medicare Part B by implementing the International Pricing Index (80 percent support vs. 9 percent oppose). Majorities from both parties believe Democrats and Republicans in Congress should support the proposal that would lower prices for infused drugs administered in physician offices and hospitals. Importantly, eight in 10 voters believe the proposal will result in better care or have no impact on the care they receive. Click here to read the poll.

I’ve had primary immune deficiency for over 25 years.
When we couldn’t afford my drugs any longer, we filed for bankruptcy and lost our home.
There’s a proposal in Washington to bring prices in line with what other countries pay.
It would lower the price of our most expensive drugs by 30 percent.
The international pricing index would be good for patients like me.
Contact your elected official. Tell them to support Trump’s plan to lower drug prices.