The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

The Miracle on Ice turned 39. Patients For Affordable Drugs turned 2. Can we orchestrate the upset of this century?
Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing!
Crohn’s Patient Claps Back 

  • A Crohn’s patient who takes Humira, the world’s best-selling drug from one of the world’s most corrupt pharmaceutical corporations, tells it like it is on NBC Nightly News. — (NBC Nightly News)

Pharma CEOs in the Hot Seat

  • On Tuesday, seven pharmaceutical company executives will testify before the Senate on rising prescription drug prices. Get to know the price-hiking characters who will make up the Senate Finance Committee panel.  — (STAT)

Utah Gets Salty with Big Pharma

  • Utahns are fed up with federal inaction on drug prices, so lawmakers in Salt Lake City are weighing a bill to import drugs from Canada. — (Deseret News)

Is Pharma planning the next Fyre Fest?

  • Big Pharma is linking up with prominent Instagram influencers to target millennial likes and their dollars. — (Vox)

Be Wary of the Expert

  • The drug industry and its hired gun “experts” are targeting and twisting the narrative on drug importation from Canada.  — (Tarbell)