The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Ready your chicken wings, chili bowls, and Tony Romo prediction bets.
But first, it’s the week in review in prescription drug pricing!

1. Storms are a-brewing

  • What’s colder? This wind chill or Pharma’s ice-cold refusal to testify before the Senate Finance Committee? — (The Hill

2. Middlemen called out 

  • The Trump administration took a step in the right direction by increasing transparency and ending rebates to drug middlemen in government programs. The hope is savings would reach patients instead. — (The Washington Post)

3. Touchdown!!! 🏈💉

  • The Super Bowl may be the most-watched event this week, but we’re also excited about a Congressional kickoff — a probe into insulin costs — (FiercePharma)

4. Strong armed no more?

  • There’s been a surprise twist in a three-year drug pricing standoff between the UK and Vertex — the maker of groundbreaking-but-pricey cystic fibrosis therapies. A British politician is pushing parliament to issue a license that would allow a generic drug maker to make copies of a Vertex medicine.  — (STAT)

5. California Love

  • The governor of the country’s most populous state signed an executive order directing the state's massive Medicaid program to negotiate prescription drug prices for 13 million recipients. — (Reuters)