The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Will PhRMA partner with Lori Loughlin in an attempt to improve its reputation?
1. Bonuses for bad behavior

  • High drug prices mean multitudes of millions for CEOs like David Ricks of Eli Lilly and Richard Gonzalez of AbbVie. — (FiercePharma,FiercePharma

2. She sold everything — twice

  • A patient living with Type 1 diabetes explained how she sold all of her belongings — twice — to stay alive and afford insulin. — (BBC

3. Isn’t sepsis frightening enough? 

  • The price of a longtime ICU staple to treat sepsis has spiked in price from $200 to $4,000. Now greedy pharma is suing to stop compounded alternatives that seek to ease hospital budget woes. — (STAT)

4.  Everyone gets a piece of the pie

  • Pharma, PBMs, and insurers all dine at the table of high drug prices.— (Pew)

5. We’re not gonna take it

  • AARP launched a landmark campaign against high drug prices and corporate greed. The nationwide campaign calls on its 37 million members to tell Congress to cut drug prices now. — (Forbes)