An astronomical price.

My name is Carri Durham and I am a 50 year old woman from Rainier, Washington. As a Washingtonian with type 1 diabetes and mental health conditions, access to health care is extremely important to me. I am on a fixed income and I have discovered that as I get older, my drug costs get higher.

My grandchildren are incredibly close to my heart. I would say that I spend all my free time with them, and I do my best to be there for them daily. But it’s hard when my mental health and diabetes issues act up. That usually happens when I have issues getting my medications.

In between getting my diabetes supplies and insulin, I have a rough time. In the past, I have had trouble getting long lasting Levemir and fast acting Novalog. At times, my insulin has cost $350 per month, which is an astronomical amount that takes a huge cut of my monthly income. In addition, I have had to share insulin with others who needed it, and have had to use other’s insulin when I myself have fallen short.

Washingtonians like me need affordable medications, and we need legislation to fix the current broken system.