The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

We finally know what a black hole looks like. Next black hole to face the cameras: justification for drug company price hikes.
1. Patients win

  • There were two drug lobbyists for every Maryland state senator this session — and patients still won. A first-in-the-nation prescription drug affordability board with the authority to evaluate high-cost prescription drugs and set reasonable rates now awaits the governor’s signature. — (STAT)

2. Counts for nothing

  • In its latest bid to deflect mounting criticism of price gouging, drug giant Sanofi cut insulin prices only for the uninsured and patients paying cash hours before a Congressional hearing on rising insulin prices. Give them no credit.  — (CBS)

3. Do you like apples?

  • Patient voices took center stage during testimony at a Massachusetts Statehouse hearing for sweeping drug pricing reforms in the commonwealth. How do you like them apples? — (Mass Live)

4. What a week in Washington

  • Over the last week, Washington took meaningful steps on legislation that would curb drug company price gouging, end abuse of citizen petitions, stop drug companies from abusing the patent system, demand more transparency from pharmacy benefit managers, and protect people who are insulin dependent.— (KTXS)

5. Walmart-ism

  • Wal-mart insulin has been pitched by drug executives as a solution for patients struggling to afford insulin. Find out why it’s not the answer. — (Vox)