We need action now.

My name is Betty Rowland and I’m a patient from Burney, California. I have dealt with a host of medical conditions for years now, including COPD and parathyroid disease. Unfortunately, these are costly conditions to treat.

I have been on Sensipar for about four years, which I take to treat my parathyroid disease. For two of those years, I paid for it myself. I am on Medicare Part D and the copay just for my Sensipar was close to $350 per month. I currently have a grant that helps me to cover the cost of Sensipar, but I constantly worry for the future. These grants are unpredictable, and I don’t know how long I will be receiving this one.

In addition to my Sensipar, I take two inhalers to treat my COPD. They run $100 to $150 EACH every month. I only have my social security check and my small retirement savings to live on. I am blessed to have been fortunate enough to pay off my home, which takes off some pressure, but I still am affected by the high cost of my medications. It takes a lot away from my ability to enjoy my retirement and spend time with my family. I find the fact that I’m not really able to buy gifts for my grandkids deeply upsetting.

I need my inhalers in order to breathe, and the Sensipar to maintain my comfort and health. The medications that help me should not take up 57% of my income. Californians like me deserve better from our legislators –– and we need action now.