It adds up.

My name is Kathleen Rider and I am a resident of Otis, Massachusetts. I am on Medicare and I have a second insurance plan through United Healthcare. I wanted to ensure that I would be covered completely and would face no difficulties getting good health care when I retired, but this has not been the case.

Due to enduring depression for many years, I take Zoloft. It was prescribed to me by my longtime doctor, and has proven to be a great aid in maintaining my mental health. Without it, I don’t have as good of a quality of life, and my mental health quickly deteriorates. The trouble is that my insurance won’t pay for the medication.

I am on a fixed income and am forced to shell out $145 for the medication every three months. It adds up. The stress of having such a costly medicine does affect my mental health. This is a necessary medication for me.

Patients with mental health issues deserve to be able to afford the medication they need in order to be their happiest selves. I want to be able to enjoy my retirement and not worry about costs any longer.