At what point do the price hikes stop?

My name is Pat Rubino and I live in St. Helens, Oregon. I have seen the impact high prescription drugs prices have on many Americans, and feel strongly that something must be done immediately.

Due to a heart condition, I was once in the position where I was forced to quit my job and live off of my Social Security to get the care I needed. I was fortunate to get approved for a grant at Oregon Health & Science University for my operation because I could not afford insurance at the time. The catch? They did not cover the prescription drugs that were necessary following my surgery. The sticker shock was unreal. I was almost at the point of taking a lien on my home, but fortunately, I was referred to a program that would cover the cost of my medications. I can vividly remember what a stressful time this was for me. It’s a lot to bear not knowing where funding for your medication is going to come from. No one should ever have to consider not taking their medicine because they cannot afford it!

Way too many people face this struggle, and it is just not right. I believe in the importance of research and the development of new life-saving drugs, but at what point do the price hikes stop? When will Americans like me know the feeling of financial security and good health? We must make a change soon.