The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

We won’t spoil Game of Thrones, but we will spoil Big Pharma’s ongoing attempt to rob us all.  
Welcome to the Week in Review in Prescription Drug Pricing!
1. Drowning in debt

  • A recent survey revealed the stunning amount of debt Americans are facing as a result of rising health care and prescription drug costs. — (NYT)

2. Pharma on the run

  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed two bills to close loopholes used by drug companies to keep prices high. — (AARP)

3. Call us

  • Scott Gottlieb’s last day of work as the FDA commish was Friday. He is going to Disney World before tackling drug prices in his next role at a conservative think tank. — (Washington Post)

4. Influence peddling in the commonwealth

  • As Massachusetts prepares to review a package of bills aimed at reducing drug costs, a river of Big Pharma money flows to maintain the status quo. — (FiercePharma)

5. Another week, another insulin pricing Band-Aid

  • File this under "not enough." — (Vox)