The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

We have all the drug pricing news that’s fit to summarize. Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing!
1. Almost isn't good enough

  • In an effort to reduce the public scrutiny around exorbitant insulin prices, Eli Lilly has began sales of its “half-priced” generic version of Humalog. It's still not enough. — (CBS News)

2. Too. Much.

  • Novartis is charging more than $2 million for a gene therapy it can’t take full credit for.  — (CNN)

3. Taken Hostage

  • Hackers aren’t the only hostage-takers in Baltimore. The self-insured city had filed an antitrust suit against a Johnson&Johnson subsidiary, accusing the drug maker of thwarting generic competition for an expensive cancer drug. — (The Baltimore Sun)

4. First-in-the-nation

  • Spunky Maryland’s new drug pricing affordability board will be enacted July 1. We expect more reforms to come from states this year. — (AP)

5. It’s Personal

  • P4AD founder David Mitchell spoke with Houston Public Media about the importance of addressing the rising costs of prescription drugs. — (Houston Public Media)