My father was priced out of his lifesaving medications.

My name is Lisa Morgan and I am a 50-year-old resident of Cottonwood, California. Although I am concerned for my own future and health care as I begin to age, my primary reason for sharing my story is on behalf of my father.

Seniors should not have to refinance their homes or go without food to get a necessary prescription drug. My father’s name is Victor Trotter, and he passed away at the age of 75. He had retired and spent much of his career working in the lumber and paper industry. My father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when he was 56, only a year older than I am now.

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“Watching my dad’s health decline made me fear for my own future.”

- Lisa Morgan

My father was a veteran and typically got his medication through the VA. They had him on different insulins, and he managed pretty well on the ones given through the VA. However, he developed esophageal cancer, and there were times his cardiologist prescribed medications he couldn’t afford to get because they were outside of the VA formulary and the list price was just too high to manage alone.

His doctor believed these medications would be the best fit to treat his esophageal cancer, but my father simply couldn’t afford them. They cost in the hundreds of dollars each.

I miss my father and think of what was done to him each and every day. He was priced out of his lifesaving medications. Watching my dad’s health decline made me fear for my own future. I wish he were still here, but I worry for the health care costs I’ll face when I get older. Seniors should be able to afford their medication without having to sacrifice their dignity.