Too many families are suffering.

My name is Melissa Evans and I am a proud mother from Wilkes Barre, PA. I am also among the countless Americans struggling with high prescription drug costs.

I was diagnosed with melanoma three years ago. On top of that, I also have asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, and several heart conditions. With these conditions comes a long list of medications to treat them. I am currently prescribed a slew of high-priced drugs like Lipitor, and each month my prescriptions total about $500 –– which is much more than I can manage.

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“I often wonder: How would Pharma CEOs cope if they had to live one day in my shoes?”

- Melissa Evans

Affording all of the medications I need to survive has become such a burden. I have to make many difficult decisions to make sure my needs are met. Half of the time I don't even take my prescriptions because the co-pays are just far too high. I don't fill it if I can't afford it –– it’s as simple as that.

High drug prices have not just affected me financially, but also physically and mentally. I used to pride myself on living a very active lifestyle, but that has come to a halt thanks to my untreated medical conditions. By not taking my medication I am neglecting myself, and ultimately my health suffers. If drug prices were more affordable I would be able to make sure all of my bills get paid on time. My quality of life would greatly improve. As of now I spend most of my free time reading and watching TV, which is not much of a life for someone who likes to stay active.

Unfortunately, my reality is that I may not always be able to get the medication I need.   Companies need to be held accountable for high drug prices. Too many families are suffering and something must be done. I often wonder: How would Pharma CEOs cope if they had to live one day in my shoes?