Health care costs shouldn’t inspire fear.

My name is Patricia Tenney and I am a resident of Holyoke, Massachusetts. As I’ve aged, I’ve found that I have had more time to do what I love –– gardening, painting, and working. However, also with age, I have also found my concerns with health care costs are increasing.

I have chronic allergies and sinusitis, so I seem to always be on antibiotics. Being constantly ill has led me to face depression and anxiety. These medical conditions have, in turn, caused me to realize that the cost of medications in our country is continuously increasing.

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“When you’re on a long list of medications, even smaller copays add up.”

- Patricia Tenney

My antidepressants, Wellbutrin and Lorazepam, seem to have increasing copays, with each one sometimes being $20. I’ve noticed the cost of my antibiotics and acid reflux medications also increasing. As of now, I’m able to afford the costs, but not without worrying. When you’re on a long list of medications, even smaller copays add up. I fear that if prices increase any more, my quality of life will drastically worsen. I would have to choose between buying food and buying medicine, and nobody should have to make a decision like that.

Although I do love my work, I know there will come a time that I must retire. But thanks to my need for many medications, I’m afraid to retire. Between copays for my medications and bills, I worry that I won’t be able to manage. Health care costs shouldn’t inspire fear in the hearts of seniors, and Massachusetts legislators should fight so that their constituents don’t have to face those fears.