It shouldn’t be this complicated to get the drugs I need.

My name is Anne Gooding, and I am a patient from Somerville, Massachusetts. I am an advocate for lower health care costs, and I believe that high prescription drug prices are a detriment to aging Americans.

In years past, the total amount I spent for medications was about $60 per month. This included insulin and medicines for my AFIB and immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

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“Patients like me cannot live with these prices.”

- Anne Gooding

In 2016, I went into the hospital with complications. When I left, I was given prescriptions for a number of drugs and a bag of the first month’s worth of meds. I thought those meds had been paid for by the hospital, but in reality, the hospital had called my pharmacy for them. The pharmacy charged shocking amounts, and my bank account became overdrawn. Other automatic payments were denied by my bank because of this, causing me great financial hardship.

Due to the high price of my medications, I started rationing Januvia, which I use to treat my diabetes. I switched from Coumadin to Xarelto for my blood thinner because it worked better — but when I fell into the donut hole, I couldn’t afford the Xarelto anymore, or my Tresiba, which skyrocketed to $300 a month. Paying for all of my drugs was a balancing act, and things were falling through the cracks. It shouldn’t be this complicated to get the drugs I need.

Patients like me cannot live with these prices, and we need lower price tags at the pharmacy counter now.