The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

What do Navy UFO sightings and drugs prices have in common? They are both out of this world!
1. Get the job done

  • So many bipartisan drug pricing proposals, so little time. Congress, get something done. And make it big. — (The New York Times)

2. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves

  • Whiny pharma sued to keep its high drug prices off the tele. To which HHS replied: “If the drug companies are embarrassed by their prices… they should lower them.” — (Bloomberg)

3.How do you fight something you can’t see?

  • By standing up to share your drug pricing story! Check out this patient video by the California Attorney General’s office, in support of legislation that would force Big Pharma’s shadowy, collusive pay-for-delay deals into the light. — (Twitter)

4.Forced to buy expired insulin

  • This hardworking Texan living with Type 1 diabetes is self-employed and forced to buy expired insulin, putting his health at grave risk. Others are caravanning to Canada to buy a drug as vital to their lives as water. — (P4AD & The Washington Post)

5.Drug pricing hurts women more

  • And women are working to solve that issue. Listen to this podcast to learn about the efforts of I-MAK’s Priti Krishtel and Jessica Grossman of Medicines360. — (The Commonwealth Fund)