The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Quick message to PhRMA: We’re gonna ride til we can’t no more.
1. PrEP-ing for a Fight

  • The latest wave of HIV activists are challenging drug maker Gilead to make HIV prevention medication affordable for all who need it.  — (NPR

2.Cliff's Notes

  • Drug pricing is cloaked in secrecy. This video breaks down the supply chain and the price hikes along each step of the way. — (The Wall Street Journal

3.Better than mountains and craft beer

  • Colorado is the first state to place a price cap on out-of-control insulin prices. — (CBS

4.Seniors hurt the most

  • A recent study found that cancer drug prices for seniors are on the rise, nearly doubling in some cases. — (JAMA)

5.Chart Pack!

  • The federal government negotiating for the most expensive medications in Medicare Part D? Yes, please. — (P4AD)