Patients deserve a better quality of life.

My name is Ellen Farmer and I am from North Attleboro, Massachusetts. At 51, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. This resulted in a lot of stress on my heart and I ended up in the hospital.

The doctor told me I would need to go on a blood thinner and my cardiac specialist recommended Xarelto.

But when I went to fill the prescription, I was appalled to find out that it was $1000 for the first month. There is no way I could afford that. Thankfully, they gave me a coupon for that first year, which covered the majority of it. However, there is always uncertainty in pricing, and this causes me a lot of stress.

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I fear for the day that I’m told that I am no longer covered and I have to pay hundreds of dollars in order to avoid a life-ending stroke. I am not only worried for myself, but for all those who are underinsured by their employers, and for seniors who are also facing high costs. I’m lucky to live in Massachusetts, a state that has state health care for most of its at-risk residents, but I know that this is not the case for everyone.

I eat a healthy, plant-based diet, and am working hard to regain my good health. I love horses and used to ride them as a profession and a hobby. I would love to be able to ride again one day, but that is impossible if I cannot afford my medication. Patients like me deserve to have a good quality of life. I shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not I can afford life-saving medications while living in the most prosperous country in the world.