The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

If this country can produce a Cheetos chicken sandwich, it can lower drug prices.
1. Biosimilar warfare

  • Biosimilar drugs were posed to change the lives of patients and save the country billions. But patients like Charles Pope feel their health ‘disintegrating’ waiting for less-expensive biologics. — (Associated Press)


  • Sneaky pharma tactics are keeping lifesaving generic drugs out of reach for patients who need them most. California is taking a stand — (LA Times)

3.The Price We’ll Pay

  • As we enter a period of rapid medical breakthroughs, prices are becoming totally unsustainable. — (The Hill)


  • Maine is the latest state to tackle drug pricing head on. The state overwhelmingly passed a package of bills aimed at lowering costs for patients. Go Maine! — (Press Herald)

5.🔥 issue alert

  • Running for president? Lower drug prices. — (STAT)