The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Ugh, drug pricing. Water we going to do about it? We’re floating some ideas.
1. Don’t sell out sickle cell patients

  • Taxpayers invested hundreds of millions of dollars into a cure for sickle cell disease. Now a drug company could make billions from the drug. — (FierceHealthcare)

2.Program Canceled 📺

  • Americans wanted to list drug price ads on TV. Big Pharma and a federal judge said no. — (The New York Times)

3.Tea leaves

  • Could a closed-door meeting with Trump aides and GOP senators hint at a path forward to slow the roll of Price D price hikes? — (The Hill)

4.Negotiation. The American way!

  • The president said the U.S. should pay what other nations pay for drugs. Now the focus turns to the Administration’s International Pricing Index.— (STAT & Yahoo Finance)

5.California is not dreamin’

  • AB824, legislation that would end shady, collusive pay-for-delay deals, is movin’ in real life. — (Twitter)