The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

30-50 feral hogs couldn't drag us away from bringing you all the news in drug pricing!

1. They lied

  • Novartis lied to the FDA, then brought forth the world’s most expensive drug. Classic. — (CNN)

2. We (already) PAID

  • The public needs more protection from Big Pharma profiteering off of billions in taxpayer funded drug research. — (Vox)

3. Authorized scam

  • Brand drug manufacturers make “authorized” generics, products that only serve to maximize the monopoly drug makers’ profits and stifle realcompetition. — (Kaiser Health News)

4. “How many more young Type 1 diabetes patients have to die…?”

  • Another young man lost his life due to outrageously high insulin costs, which doubled between 2012 and 2016. — (The Washington Post)

5. Boo, hiss

  • Lifesaving antivenins face very little competition – so prices continue to rise. – (NPR)

Have a wonderful weekend!