The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

1. Slowing down for the speed cameras

  • Under increasing scrutiny and pressure from patients and lawmakers alike, drug makers are still raising prices, just at slower rates than before. — (AP)

2. Clear as day

  • Oregon wants drug price hikes OreGONE. A new transparency law means drug corporations don’t get to keep hikes in the dark any more. — (Biz Journals)

3. A choice no one should have to make

  • According to a new study, a significant number of working age adults with diabetes are rationing or skipping their medication due to sky-high costs.— (Huff Post)

4. In His Own Words

  • P4AD’s David Mitchell shared his thoughts on the broken prescription drug market and the impact it has on patients. — (Washington Examiner)

5. Oh yeah?

  • A judge said HHS can’t make Big Pharma put its list prices in TV ads. HHS is pushing back. — (Reuters)