The Week in Review in Drug Pricing

Slow news week.

1. Fear-mongering: Activate!

  • The drug lobby is throwing mounds of cash around in an attempt to convince lawmakers that drug pricing’s status quo should remain. Voters disagree! — (Wall Street Journal)

2.Four times more

  • The latest investigation from Congress shows the U.S. pays an average of four times more for prescription drugs as compared to other countries — and in some cases, 67 times more. — (The Fiscal Times)

3. Black market insulin

  • A Virginia patient explains the choice she was forced to make to stay alive. — (Local12)

4.Myth Busted

  • Pharma’s biggest talking point — lower prices will kill innovation — is debunked once again. — (STAT)

5. 🇨🇦 imports?

  • The Trump Administration announced it’s on track to release an executive order to import some prescription drugs. — (The Washington Post)