The Week in Review in Prescription Drug Pricing

Shkreli begs for minimum security. Pharma lobbies Congress to sweeten the donut hole. And the Catholic health community gets a call for help.

Welcome to the week in review in drug pricing!

1. How will Shkreli fare in prison? Jury’s out

  • Inmates weigh in. — (VICE)

2.  Congress is considering caving to pharma

  • Will it lower drug corporations’ costs in the donut hole or hold strong for patients? (Politico)

3. Drugmakers ‘derelict’ if they don’t tackle this issue: Waxman

4. Give patients a seat at the table

5. Heads are snappin’ at health care consolidations

  • But will these mergers help patients? Hmmm…— (L.A. Times)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. See you next week!