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Patient Group Applauds Passage of Maine Drug Pricing Bill

WASHINGTON, DC — Patients in Maine are celebrating the passage of a new law that would help Mainers understand why prescription drugs prices keep rising. Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW, a patient advocacy organization, applauded passage of the bill.
“My 5-year-old son, Dakota, needs insulin to live,” said Sabrina Burbeck, a single mom who lives in Old Town. "When drug corporations charge $200-a-vial for a drug invented in the 1920s, we should all worry and demand change. There is no justifiable reason that his insulin costs keep going up, and the fear of my son losing his life-saving medicine keeps me up at night.”

A bipartisan group of Maine state legislators passed LD 1406 in April. The legislation, which became law yesterday, allows the Maine Health Data Organization to gather information from drug corporations about their pricing practices and to report its findings to citizens in Maine.
Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW is a bipartisan advocacy organization focused exclusively on policies to lower drug prices. To maintain its independence, P4ADNOW does not accept funding  from organizations that profit from the development or distribution of prescription drugs.
For Maine patient interviews, contact Juliana Keeping.

The Week In Review In Prescription Drug Pricing

The week in drug pricing has been marked with dormant dashboards, broken promises and bloated CEO salaries.

So, let’s get to it.

1. Dormant drug dashboards

  • HHS has not updated the databases that tell the public how much money the government is paying for drugs. The inaction follows repeated promises from President Trump that "one of my greatest priorities is to reduce the price of prescription drugs.” — (CNN)

2. “We were forced to file for bankruptcy to afford my insulin.”

3. Piles of gold skimmed off the backs of the sick and dying.

  • Eye-popping CEO salaries that are, umm, not investments in R&D? — (Axios

4. Kickback schemes at Novartis?

  • The accusations flying are sick, and yet, not surprising. — (STAT)

5. The Vertex CEO said a few things he might regret.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. See you next week!