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Oregon Passes New Law To Lower Drug Prices Despite Pharma Objections

WASHINGTON, DC — Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW Campaigns Director Janice Rottenberg issued the following statement after Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed HB 4005 into law today.

“This bill brings much-needed transparency to drug costs in Oregon, and it builds momentum as more states pass legislation to end drug pricing abuses. Today is a good day for Oregon and for Americans demanding action to lower outrageous drug prices." 


  • “Internal documents reviewed by The Register-Guard show the pharmaceutical industry’s involvement was ­intended to be kept secret, both from Oregonians enlisted to sign the prewritten letters and legislators who would receive them.” [Register Guard, 2/9/18]

  • Among those who testified in favor of HB 4005 was Ann Neilson, a retired nurse from Oregon and Patient Advocate for Patients For Affordable Drugs NOW. She told Oregon lawmakers, “When working as a nurse, I discovered scores of patients taking half their prescribed doses or skipping doses. I believe patients deserve to know why drug prices are increasing.”

  • Oregon is the latest state to step up and tackle drug pricing.

    • Nevada just passed one of the strictest drug pricing transparency laws in the country [Business Insider, 6/15/17]

    • California Governor Signs Law To Make Drug Pricing More Transparent [NPR, 10/10/17]

    • Maryland Officials Tout New Generic Drug Price-Gouging Law [Associated Press, 10/31/17]